Every parent knows that children don’t come with an instruction manual and yet so many parents feel they should instinctively know how to raise a happy and thriving family. We would go into no other such complex endeavour without skills or training. Often parents feel that taking a parenting course is like an admission to have failed as a parent. Quite the opposite is true.

Being open to learning about what really supports the flow in families strengthens our natural abilities and equips us with valuable new understanding, helping us connect more profoundly with our children.

Why work with us?

Let us help you in making your time with your children the best it can be.

We believe successful parenting doesn’t depend on being with your child all the time but being in the right relationship with your child.

We believe it’s not just the details of what you do, but also the roots of how you relate to each other that really make a difference to your family life.

We believe strong roots create a strong family.

Rooted Parenting is a programme for parents/carers, whether in partnership or single, who are struggling with their role or their children’s situation.

We established Rooted Parenting because we are passionate about supporting parents in the most rewarding, challenging and important job they’ll ever do in their lives.


Free taster sessions: Fridays 10:00-11:00

When: May 9 and May 16 2018

Where:  Women and Health, 4 Carol St, Camden Town, London NW1 0HU

Book a free place: contact@rootedparenting.co.uk


5 week Rooted Parenting Course 2018

WEDNESDAYS, 10:00-12:00, June 6, 13, 20, 27 and July 4

FRIDAYS, 10:00 – 17:00, JUNE 15 and 22


Where: Women and Health, 4 Carol St, Camden Town, London NW1 0HU

£295 per person.

Early bird offer until May 20 2018:

20% discount (£236 each) per person for couples or two friends booking together.

For more info or to book a place: contact@rootedparenting.co.uk


Our programme uses an approach that considers the whole family system and what, within that system strengthens or weakens it. This takes the emphasis away from the child and removes the blaming of the child or the parent. By removing judgement we are simply defining and reframing the truth.

We provide a safely held environment, where parents can access their innate ability to parent their children in the best way possible, given their own unique circumstances.

Some parents who attend have quite specific problems/issues they need to address. Others just come along because they want to know how to develop their parenting skills and get the best out of their children. The group setting makes the course very engaging and parents learn a lot through sharing and hearing about the experience of others. This gives support, reassurance and ‘normalises’ some common place issues that other parents also feel.

Our aims are to

  • empower parents to stand in their own strength
  • develop understanding of how to diffuse tensions
  • allow resolutions to family issues
  • release children to being simply relaxed and happy children
  • enable parents to enjoy being parents
  • encouraging communication and cooperation




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