Rooted Parenting for Companies

Most parents feel the challenge between juggling work and home and however professional we are, when our home life pressures become too great, our work inevitably suffers and vice versa.

Smart companies use Business Coaches for solutions and support. Parent Coaches are a valuable and unique way for employers to support working parents in the most important and challenging job they will ever do – being a parent.

We believe that working parents who have a good relationship with their children at home will be more productive in the workplace.

We work with companies who want to offer professional parenting support to parent employees. This is a valuable and innovative way for employers to help employees with work and life balance whilst improving employee retention and productivity.

Our parenting programmes at work consist of series of 6 seminars at a timeframe that suits your company. We also tailor specific seminars according to your company’s needs; e.g.
How to get your children to cooperate, Fostering Self Esteem and Resilience in Children, Dealing with Toddler Tantrums, Communicating with your Teenager, etc

Before the seminars are delivered, we can liaise with human resource managers, heads of departments or managers as required to tailor a programme to suit the needs of that organisation. If you have a specific request for topics, please talk to us.

Seminars are available in 60 minute, 90 minute and 120 minute formats and are scheduled over lunch times, early evenings or included in the agenda at company events.  Seminar attendees can be in any position or at any stage of career. It’s open to all parents.

Our seminars are solution-focused, empowering, evidence based, confidential,
deal with real life issues, are non-judgemental and are adaptable to the culture of the organisation.

We deliver drop-in surgeries for employees across the company who want a one off or more sessions to get practical advice and solutions to specific parenting issues.

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